Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Few Days Into the Obama-Biden... and all of us... Administration...

["Should a "seat-warmer" be chosen to hold Hillary Clinton's soon-to-be vacated spot?"; Submitted to You Tube on 1/1/09 by cmcilwain1]

This is a pre-inauguration day video --- but I am still trying to find out WHO (Do you know?) the other possible NY State Senate Seat contenders are.....! (I do not care for the fact that "they" seem to be faceless and nameless!)]

Help anyone?


On the UP side:

I received notice today [Great news!] --- via an email from Debra Ness, the President of the National Partnership for Women --- that the "Senate passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act [Yes!] and rejected numerous amendments that would have gutted this important legislation..."

You can check out the National Partnership for Women & Families at [A link will be placed in the sidebar>>>]


Food for Thought?

The following is a quote from an article titled, "Class Action Suit against Bush Crownies:"

"An Indiana man filed a class action lawsuit against members of the former Bush administration for their misuse of TARP funds. Jerry Lukas filed the lawsuit in the Southern District court of Indiana because he was finished "getting ripped off by the Federal government..." (Tim Einenkel).

For more on this article, go to [A link will also be placed in the sidebar>>>>].


On the (in my opinion) UP Side!

You can read more on, "Obama institutes ethics rules, freezes salaries..." [Road Runner;] [A link will be made available in the sidebar>>>]


On the (in my opinion) UP Side!

You can read more on, "Breaking forcefully with Bush anti-terror policies, President Barack Obama ordered major changes Thursday that he said would halt the torture of suspects, close down the Guantanamo detention center, ban secret CIA prisons overseas and fight terrorism "in a manner that is consistent with our values and our ideals" [See: "Obama breaks from Bush and orders Gitmo to close", by Tom Raum and Philip Elliot (Associated Press); 1/22/09] at:


AND, just so ya' know... [This is awesome!]

You can actually access the White House Briefing Room Blog @ [A link will also be placed in the sidebar / blog list!>>>]


Isn't "change" (this time around) looking kinda' nifty?


Peace, Love and Humane Justice,



N.S. said...

AhHah! I found some other potential candidates (recommended by at least one person) for Hillary Clinton's vacated NY Senate seat on the UCDW website at

The list of names there (all women) include:

Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand

Carol Bellamy... "Executive Director of UNICEF 1995- 2004"

Elizabeth Holtzman... "Former U.S. Congresswoman and member of the Nixon Impeachment Panel..."

Senator Stewart-Cousins

Doctor Shirley Ann Jackson

For more information on these women, check out the site at -
where it is also possible for YOU to make a recommendation!

[I will also see if I can find out more about these folks, tommorrow, via You Tube!]

Anonymous said...

Yikes! The White House Blog link doesn't appear to be working, so either I did something in error, or you have to sign up (that "would" make sense!) for it!


N.S. said...

I removed the White House blog link, because it didn't connect. This blog may require a sign-in process that I went through in the midst of my party-prep travels...

Sorry - but if I found it and got hooked in - you could too!