Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Inaugural Poem (Obama 2009)

[Photo by BF]

Inaugural Poem (Obama 2009) [Rough draft; new poem]

My New Year's oath
To you and me
Was to become
All I can be
To live my muse
Pursue my dreams
With every drop
Of energy...
And courage
Drawn up from
My toes

The fear I've known...
The fear I've known...

Handcuffed and chained
To walls of pain
This year, I say,
"No more."

And, as I stand
Before you now
A poet, dreamer,
Silly clown...
To celebrate
Obamas day

I have to say...
I have to say...

Though I am white
My oath is true
My commitment firm
I've much to do

For I am, indeed,
A lot like you...

My freedom card
Long overdue...

And, although each day
Can be tough to face
It is worth the price
Because all our fates

Depend on you...
Depend on me...

On everyone struggling
To be free...

From the pain
That holds us back
(So much locked up

Speaking its truth...
Speaking its truth...

Through all the tears
We've cried...

I really tried to hide...
I really tried to hide...

But, this is the year...
This Is the year...
That I've been
Waiting for...

This IS the year...
This IS the year...

I finally say,
"No more."

And join
the chorus
Of voices
That say,

"We can!"

NS [MoveOn Civic Action Member / Inaugural Party (Obama 2009) Host]

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