Monday, January 19, 2009

Hope... Inauguration Party Update... Tomorrow is the BIG day...

["One Word Says It All..."; Photo by NS]

["Grassroots Obama Inauguration Party Poster"; Poster by NS]

I haven't had time to personally contact everyone I would have liked to about this party, so I hope folks have seen the advertisements in the local papers and/or around town!

I have never done anything of this magnitude before, so please bear with me...

I am having (in between gulps) a wonderful (in many ways) time!

I received some emails and phone calls asking about whether folks could bring their instruments to the open mike; and unfortunately I have to discourage this, because
(1) this is a combination of special-event music, speakers, open mike poetry and karaoke, and there simply isn't enough time to add open mike musicians to the mix; and (2) I am not prepared, and do not believe that I have the type of equipment, to handle musician transitions (sorry folks) smoothly.

I also received emails and phone calls about whether there would be on-site television coverage of the event, to which I must answer ('tis a different type of event than a lot of other folks are hosting) "sorry, no."

I will bring my laptop, and hopefully some other folks will have laptops, as well; so that those who want to tune into some of the evening events will be able to do so. However, it is going to be - at least some of the time - a little loud and silly and happy... so you might want to record the evening's events at home...

All of that said, thank you to the Kingston Muddy Cup for serving as a venue for the party; thank you to all of those that have signed up (either via Civic Action, or via personal contact) for the party; thank you, again, to the community activists (official and unofficial) that have agreed to say a few words at the party; and thank you to Civic Action and all of the other groups and individuals that have worked to make this day - and this party - [there are parties all across the city, county, state and country] - possible!

Peace, Love and Humane Justice,


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Anonymous said...

It is too bad it wont be broadcast on Public Access Ch 23.