Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day... A Note On Service... Kingston Muddy Cup Inaugural Party Update

["Party Like It's Barack Obama's Inauguration"; Photo by NS]

Today is Martin Luther King Day, so I searched for a video (see below) on the topic that touched my heart, and I hope might touch yours...

Plus, I wanted to put out my own note on ways to do service that don't appear to be covered much elsewhere...

1. Get involved in local politics; attend open meetings; listen, learn and voice your views... YOU matter!

2. Try out blogging... It is fun. You learn a great deal. And it inspires one to keep up on both local news and national events.

3. Lend a hand at the Inaugural parties that are happening tomorrow! A LOT has gone into the planning of these events, whether they are relatively small - or being held in bigger, more formal facilities...

4. Learn what your local human service organizations are, so that you are able to point folks in need (there are many) in appropriate directions.

5. Remember to take care of YOU and prioritize... for amongst all of this... one must always try to keep one's own house in order!

In closing, please remember the Inaugural Party at the Kingston Muddy Cup tomorrow night - and that families (including children) are welcome to attend AND participate in the festivities!

Have a Great Day!


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