Friday, January 23, 2009

U.S. Representative, Kirsten Gillibrand... Democrat... Picked for Hillary Clinton's Vacated NY Senate Seat... You Tube Videos...

["Gov. Patterson Picks Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand for Clinton's Senate Seat"; MSNBC; You Tube (as submitted to You Tube by SwimmingPolarBear on 1/22/2009);]

Although this (video above, article note to follow...) is not yet totally "official", it should be by the end of the day...

According to an Associated Press (AP) article, U.S. Representative, Kirsten Gillibrand (Democrat) "will be named to fill the seat vacated when Hillary Rodham Clinton..."

["Aide: Successor chosen for Clinton's Senate seat"; Michael Gormley; AP; 1/23/09; Road Runner;]

Introducing (for those that aren't quite sure who she is): U.S. Representative, Kirsten Gillibrand:

["Victory Speech: Kirsten Gillibrand"; You Tube; as submitted by emilyslist on 12/5/08;



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County Correction Officer said...

Congratulations to Senator Gillibrand!!
She'll do just fine in the Senate.