Friday, February 27, 2009

A Belated Report on the KURA Meeting

[Did you say "graffiti?"; photos by NS]

I'm a bit overwhelmed, and running behind on the things I want to cover - so please bear with me.

I did want to report that the Kingston Uptown Residents Association (KURA) meeting was well-attended, conducted and informative... That the pros and cons of the "nuisance law" (as proposed by former DA, Don Williams) were given pretty comprehensive coverage (including informative handouts)... And that one of the hopes associated with the nuisance law is increased community involvement... in regard to reporting suspected problems (drug dealing, prostitution, graffiti and code violations were mentioned) - and such (which must be handled in a prioritized manner, explaining some delays) to the proper authorities.

Former DA Williams gave an intro and general overview. Chief D. Ryan focused more intensely on the law itself [I was happy to hear that the majority of cases, thus far, have been resolved via (for lack of a better word) mediation.] KPD Chief Keller spoke about the cooperative efforts under way...

And there seemed to be (again, I am pleased...) an emphasis on early intervention [via the law] - through which more serious crimes might be prevented [an ideal)].

Although for those that are (this is reputedly a minimal percentage thus far) chronic or serious offenders (whether these be landlords or tenants) can conceivably face fines and/or penalties that are (accordingly) more severe...

Both landlords and tenants can (where appropriate) utilize the nuisance law - and there are mechanisms set up (some info. will be provided here on site) for doing so.

I was also happy to note that Alderman Hoffay, Alderman Madsen, Alderwoman DiBella and Alderwoman Whitlock (your aldermen and alderwomen at work for you!) were present...

Copies of the law itself can reputedly be viewed and/or downloaded (?) from the City of Kingston Website at

The following contact websites (relevant to this law) were presented on the handout:

1. U.C. Sheriff's Office
2. Chief Civil Officer Don Ryan
3. Kingston Landlord Support (Landlord Website):
4. Legal Services of the Hudson Valley:

All in all, this was a well thought out and informative meeting... providing an example (perhaps?) that some folks in other Wards might (?) want to follow...

It is always wise to be an "informed consumer" - and/or - more aptly put (one might hope!) in this case... an informed (crime appears to be on the rise...) citizen!

[I previously posted a number of photos where graffiti (City of Kingston / Town of Ulster) was a definite issue - as one can see in the photo up above - and look up via prior postings. What I wonder, is if it is possible --- should the graffiti perps be located / officially convicted - that they (at least the minor offenders) be given the option of and/or required to - repair the damage [in this case, pretty severe, and maybe not applicable...) that has been done?]

Thank You to Everyone (Including the citizen attendees and those associated with the BSP) Involved!



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