Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Obama's Speech to the Chamber of Congress... Part 2 of 6... You Tube

"President Obama at his very best: His speech to the chamber of congress was awesome. He covered everything from the economy to education. Awesome !! Part-2 of 6...

["President Obama's Speech to the Chamber of Congress - 2-24-09.- AWESOME !! Part-2 of 6"; as submitted to You Tube by romagman on 2/24/09;]

You might be interested to know that questions arose - at last night's K.C. Finance Committee - about how the economic stimulus might benefit us...

Direct answers to that (in regard to the City of Kingston's benefits and expenditures) don't appear to be on the table, as of yet - but they DO appear to be pending!

More on all of that later!

Right now, I need some sleep! [The notes for the LWV of the Mid-Hudson Valley Region (to be emailed) - and some input (here) re the finance committee meeting / KAPA funding issues / the KAPA fundraiser - are all pending...

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