Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From Hope to Reality... Obama's Economic Recovery Plan... "Magic"... You Tube

["Magic"; Olivia Newton John; as submitted to You Tube by anmartinc on 3/18/07;]

According to a variety of sources, President Obama's economic recovery plan is slated to (1) create and/or save 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 jobs over the next couple of years; (2) double the funding for the Department of Education; (3) circumvent the layoff of more than 100,000 teachers; (4) radically enhance our "clean air production" capabilities; (5) create well over 100,000 "green" employment opportunities; and (6) give multitudes of unemployed citizens "access to affordable health care coverage..."

So why in the world would "anybody" try to tear "that" (Think about your neighbors, your children, your grandchildren and the future of our nation!) down? Please climb on board the boat, and ride this visionary plan from the "river of hope" to the mansion (I don't believe we can afford to waver on this!) of reality...

Every voice matters.

Every child's future (considering just the education component alone!) stands in the balance!

Nancy Sue Smith


Tanzanite said...

Well said Nancy - a little hope would help. All is apocalyptic right now. Let's hope his plan is successful.

N.S. said...


I'm pretty depressed right now myself, but I figure the "only way out" (I've heard this somewhere) "is through."

I wish you the best - and I hope our collective futures hold better - and easier - days.

Thank you for posting,