Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update Regarding Saturday's "From Hope to Reality" Meeting (Re. Obama's Economic Recovery Plan)... Sheryl Crow You Tube

[Sheryl Crow; "Let's Get Free (live, 2003)"; as submitted to You Tube by crowarchive on 11/12/07;]


The new venue for the "From Hope to Reality" meeting regarding President Barack Obamas economic recovery plan will be the Dunkin Donuts on Ulster Avenue in Kingston. The revised [as the MuddyCup is reputedly closing up shop] plan:

When: Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009

Where: Dunkin Donuts, 553 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY 12401 [Phone:
(845) 331-3633] [A Map Link is Provided in the Sidebar>]

When: 2PM-3PM [It is a good idea to get there a little early to buy any drinks/treats you might want; and there is the possibility that the meeting will go on (for those that choose to stay) longer than 1 hour.]

What to Bring? Your concerns. Your ideas. And your information (if you are a collector like me) about Barack Obamas Economic Recovery plan.

Thanks All!

I picked this Dunkin Donuts, because there is a good deal of seating space available.

It should all work out (as long as we work "together") - just fine!

Respectfully posted by,

Nancy Smith


Anonymous said...

Kingston's MuddyCup is closing up shop?

N.S. said...

That is what I was told via email communications with one of the managers. He said (this is not an exact quote) they were going to focus their efforts in areas where their ventures were more profitable (like New Paltz). I was shocked - and SADDENED - to hear this. If such is the case (why would this be said if it was not so?) the loss of the Kingston MuddyCup is a tremendous loss to this community.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Smith

You sure do spend a lot of time with Obama. Why don't you spend that time with your local public access television? Your husband SHOULD RESIGN!

N.S. said...

What does my activism in association with the new White House Administration's policies, plans and agendas (most of them, anyhow) have to do with my husband's association with KAPA?


Why should my husband resign? Because "you" (anonymous; one out of many) are opposed to what he and/or I represent?

I don't think so.

My blog (and my life) is pretty multifaceted, by the way.

And I DO support KAPA... but I am NOT (as my husband is) a KAPA Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonoymous 9;55 am
Thanks for the suggestion. I have thought of it but desperately need the insults from spineless people like yourself in these EGOnomic hard times to keep my humility acct balanced.
Bob Smith

PS Would you like to purchase tickets to the fundraiser?