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["Thank You Obama-Biden (2009)"; Photo (Copyrighted) by NS]

["It's a New Day (Enhanced)"; -; as submiteed to You Tube by illwilly on 11/11/08;]

["1 of 2 Obama delivers fiery speech to Democrats on stimulus"; as submitted to You Tube by Subscribe4MoreNews on 2/5/09;]

Today is "Wear Red Day" (see videos below) - a day in which the American Heart Association promotes awareness of heart disease (in general) - particularly (if I understand it right) the high rate of heart disease in women.

This is also a "Have a Heart" Day (see videos above) - a day in which the lives and well-being of many Americans stands in the balance - as potential victims of - or as potential benefactors of - the economic recovery stimulus package - as currently proposed by President Barack Obama.

The first video above mentions Harriet Tubman, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.

I would like to add the name of Chief Joseph to that list - as well as the multitude of other names (some well known, some not...) associated with the Womens Suffrage Movement, the Civil Rights Movement and the events that are taking place (on the positive end of the scale) this very day.

In the materials I downloaded for the "From Hope to Reality" meeting tomorrow (see below for details) - what is really being asked of us - right now - as Americans (whether Democrat, Republican, Independent or unaffiliated with any particular political party) that support Barack Obamas Economic Recovery Plan (or are open-minded enough to give it a fair evaluation) - is that we share our economic realities, our pain, our fears, our hopes, our needs and our dreams.

These meetings (the one I am hosting is just one of many across the nation) are not (to my understanding) intended to be yet another rehashing of the news...

These meetings are going to be about YOU - ME - US - WE.

President Barack Obama says, in the video above, something to the effect of (This is not an exact quote; bold emphasis mine...):

"I believe it is important to set aside some of the gamesmanship in this town and get something done..."

And although Obama is speaking (I presume) of Washington - the same could certainly be said of the "gamesmanship" (Why play games with our collective future?) that goes on right HERE.

The facts are the facts; and the state of the economy is something that cannot (by anyone with their eyes open to the truth) be denied.

And I believe a common saying applies quite well here, when evaluating whether or not to put one's trust in someone...

That is (I don't know the exact source of this saying, and I'm not quoting it exactly):

"Listen to what they say..."

But, more importantly:

"Watch what they do."

President Obama - in my opinion (you are entitled to your own) - has thus far (against tremendous odds) - been a shining example of integrity IN ACTION.

And as such, he represents the promise of an "American Dream" that might actually (this is going to take time) - for the general populous (not just for those born into lives of privilege) - have a chance of coming true.

For Saturday's meeting, I urge those that have signed on to bring (remembering to put safety first) their personal stories...

You can do this on a piece of scrap paper, in a letter, in a poem, via a work of art, via a photograph, in a collage, on a CD, on a DVD or in any other manner that suits you and the time limitations (some of us may choose to stay longer than the scheduled hour) of the occasion...

With - for those that are willing and able (there will be NO judgement of those that choose to simply be present and listen!)] a signed and dated permission slip allowing this material (by necessity, the materials you turn in for this purpose have to be somewhat brief) to be uploaded and/or otherwise passed on via Obamas official site (s),, You Tube, this blog, your local newspapers and/or other progressive outlets.

This is a movement, folks - "of the people" and "by the people" - under the leadership of a man that has NOT been afraid to challenge the corruption in Washington, the greed on Wall Street, the gross neglect of our most vulnerable citizens - and the tragic legacy of a predominantly elitist (my opinion) and (I'm being "kind" here...) "insensitive" (on their way out?) "status quo."

Sometimes folks ask me how I (the facts about my life and health would probably surprise many of you) got involved in this...

Why I am (with the limitations that I have) "so" involved in this...

Why I am I pushing myself so hard...

To which I must respond:

1. "Enough is enough" [to corruption, greed, unethical practices, exploitation, racism, sexism, elitism, persecution, cruelty, etc...]

2. Because I have learned to love (in an abstract spiritual way) every single one of my fellow human beings...; and,

3. Because I have FINALLY learned to love (yes, there is personal sacrifice involved) myself, as well.

That said (I guess I'm practicing a bit for tomorrow...): I'm looking forward to meeting those that have signed up for tomorrow's event - and I will close with (please take the time to watch both versions) this:

["You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me" (Ray Price version); as submitted to You Tube by bulkmail1 on 1/31/08;]

[Gladys Knight; "Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me" (2005); as submitted to You Tube by Largo3point0 on 2/14/08;]

Peace, love, equality and humane justice...

"Have a Heart!"


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