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Support Agressive Action Regarding Wall Street Greed... Let It Be... You Tube

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Passing this (from my email - reformatted / bold emphasis and bracketed information mine - for inclusion here) on:

"...Yesterday, President Obama took an important first step, limiting pay at companies taking bailouts going forward...

But Congress is considering going even further, applying the limits retroactively and even taking back some of the most extravagant bonuses at firms that took taxpayer money...

A huge public outcry will give them momentum and push them to real action. Can you sign this petition to Congress, urging them to act now to rein in Wall Street greed?"

"The petition says: "Congress must place enforceable, common-sense limits on salaries at all the banks that have taken taxpayer dollars..."


"Sen. McCaskill showed courage standing up to the status quo. We've got to show the rest of Congress that this is the kind of leadership we need to get us out of this crisis and make the economy work for all Americans...

Limiting pay at companies taking bailouts won't fix our financial system... that will take a lot more hard work... but it's an important first step.

Can you tell Congress to rein in Wall Street's excesses now and then pass this ["petition" / link (when someone clicks on the link below their name is added to the petition)] on to your friends?"

[Link: Copy and paste in your browser and/or pass on to your friends: ]

"Thanks for all you do.

–Daniel, Peter, Justin, Marika and the rest of the team" [MoveOn.Org]


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