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Obamas Weekly Address... Everyman... Jackson Brown... Links... Update

[Jackson Browne - "For Everyman"; as submitted to You Tube by stampbeugel on 6/03/07;]

"In the weekly address for Saturday, February 7, 2009, President Barack Obama commends the progress the Senate has made on moving the recovery plan forward, and urged its completion..."

["2/7/09: Your Weekly Address"; as submitted to You Tube by the whitehouse on 2/7/09;]


Thus far, according to MSNBC news briefings and videos, the compromise on the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan" reflects trimmings, primarily, from the spending sector - the latest breakdown I heard being 58% spending and 42% tax cuts.

There was no actual vote on this last night - and the situation could still change.

A vote is hoped for by Monday night - or at least, by the end of next week...

After which the plan still has to go back to the House and (apparently) through some other gyrations...

Some Democrats feel there has been "too much compromising" in regard to "The Obama Plan."

Most economists, according to MSNBC, agree --- citing the need to support / facilitate spending on behalf of the American people as being a more significant priority over tax cuts.

Thus far, this is reputedly a $780 Billion deal that is riding on a very thin majority - and not reflecting true bipartisanship in any sense of the word...

Everything thus, is "tentative" --- and I can only urge my readers to keep up with this fast moving train by staying up on the latest (ever evolving) news.

Please remember, too, that the second round of TARP funding remains up in the air in a number of ways...

And that our economy, as all of this is being debated, continues to slide (with approximately another 6,000 jobs lost in Jan 09 alone; with unemployment rates, as of yesterday, reputedly standing at 7.6% nationwide) downhill...

Everything is moving fast, but not necessarily smoothly... and the American People need to let their representatives, daily - if necessary - know what their genuine, in this moment, needs are!

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