Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cancelation Finance Committee Meeting... KAPA Funding Issue on Hold... Please Call and Confirm and Pin Down Future Date and Time

[Photo by NS]

Interestingly, KAPA Commissioner Bob Smith just received a phone call from Arlene at Kingston City Hall that the Finance Committee meeting that was scheduled for tonight has been CANCELLED - with no rescheduled date (ahem) settled upon yet...

This, immediately after my having posted notices about it (coincidence?) on this blog, the Kingston Citizen's blog and the Kingston Citizens Ward group (Wards 1-9) sites.

Please do call City Hall [334-3955] though, just to confirm this... and, if you are so inclined, perhaps (re the rescheduling...) your city Alderman, the Alderman at Large and/or Mayor Sottile, as well.

And please do check out the photos, videos, etc. below...


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N.S. said...

Please see the update re. the meeting under the blog listing (where I mistakenly placed it) down below.