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Combo Post... KAPA... Newspapers... Cities and Towns and Hearts in Shreds... You Tube Videos

Who is claiming (Just one out of many such examples...) bankruptcy?????

"Trump casinos file for bankruptcy a third time - Road Runner" ---

"Organizing for America Economic Crisis Your Stories" ---

"Obama signs stimulus bill readies homeowner plan - Road Runner" ---

"Nadia of the 411 Show interviews Mike Trujillo of, Channel 27 in Albuquerque New Mexico, on the importance of public access television across the U.S. as a tool to help Youth lear...

["The Importance of Public Access Across America"; as submitted by 411show on 4/24/07;]

"Hear commentary at the Media That Matters film screening held in August 2006, by Patsy Robles, producer for the 411 Show, which airs on public access television and as a videoblog, about how public...

"The Fight for Public Access Television Part 4"; as submitted by 411show on 8/17/06;]

A Reprint of a Local Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) Commissioner's "Letter to the Editor" of the "Kingston Times" (Friday Jan 23 2009) [A similar version was printed in the Kingston "Daily Freeman" close to that same date]


"Reflections on KAPA

Congratulations to Channel 20, the new educational channel on Time Warner. I wish you every success!

Our long suffering Public Access Channel 23 remains a steady snowy screen into the new year, with little hope for change - barring a Federal bailout or a presidential pardon.

Figuratively, my bald head and fat neck swivel on my torso, like a special effect in a horror movie whenever I reflect on the latest state of our Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) station. Let me state clearly that what is written here is not the opinion of the KAPA Commission, but merely the uncensored reflections of one of the Commissioners.

It is not so much a chicken and egg discussion (give us quality TV, and we'll give you funding). The dilemma appears to me to be more of a case of what I refer to as voodoo vision. It is a theory that the channel is either in a corpse or a zombie state. The mayor and city council seem most gleeful with the corpse when it is off the air. The regular rebels and loyal opposition, on the other hand, are elated when the zombie is up and running.

Poetic images aside, KAPA needs a minimum of $40,000 annually to function properly and serve the public interest. Unfortunately, the public interest in our community is not always what interests the public. Rosendale, the Town of Ulster and a few dedicated benefactors have kept KAPA on life support for the last few years. Thank you for that. The commission needs to be aware of the quote, from Eric Hoffer, "It is not in our best interest to bite the hand that feeds you, nor is it wise to lick the boot that kicks you."

The city will receive, in the 10-year Time Warner contract, over $3.6 million dollars in franchise fees - paid by 7,400 subscribers. However, in that period, certain city council members bring out their trademark objection that the city had to pay $4, 7, 10, 19,000 (depending on the source, this always seems to vary) for legal fees - and $2,644 in a misunderstood grant. So, at the maximum, for a $21,644 investment, $3.6 million in benefits accrued to the city. Would any investor turn that bonanza down? To put it in layman's terms, if someone offered you $365 for a $2.16 investment, would you be complaining? Yet there are about five politicians on the local power grid who are opposed to public access funding - denying about 40,000 local residents their public access station. This goes beyond being unreal to becoming anti-real.

To those few politicians and their tender egos, let me quote the famous Yogi Berra, who said, "Everybody knows that people who are popular are bound to be disliked." Along with that paradox, most fair-minded fans and reasonable people are able to appreciate the talents and skills of both teams on the field, no matter what the "uniform" - be it Democrat or Republican.

In conclusion, in late November I attended a talent show sponsored by the Pointe of Praise Church and Kings Kids that was a great community event, and would have been a tremendous show to put on Public Access - "if" I lived in Woodstock, Saugerties, Rhinebeck, New Paltz or any of the other 11,000 communities nationwide that offer support and funding to their local public access station. So, to the general public, please remember - when elections take place in November - the words of that old Motown song by the Undisputed Truth called "Smiling Faces." The verse that applies is, "Don't let the handshake and the smile fool ya, take my advice, they are only trying to rule ya."

With humor and hope for the future of Kingston Public Access,

Bob Smith


KAPA Commissioner"


A referral to "A Need for Newspapers" at the "Kingston Citizens Blog" --- [There is also a link in the sidebar >>>] for some important information on the shut-down of Newspapers - and (if my post there gets published) - more...


A reminder that KAPA funding issues are scheduled to come up (yet again) at tonight's City of Kingston Finance Committee Meeting [See sidebar for more info]


A reminder that YOU can contact your representatives - or start a petition about this issue!


A reminder that KAPA is hosting a fundraiser this month - the details of which are available in the sidebar >>>>>


Another "pretty" [with more to follow in the next thread] photograph:


And another pertinent (I think...) You Tube Video:

"The Sound of Silence(Live) - 2003"; as submitted to You Tube by yiump on 11/26/06;]


A Couple of Pertinent Quotes:

1. "Of course everything has been said that needs to be said --- but since no one was listening, it has to be said again" (Anonymous).

2. "Go to where the silence is and say something" (Amy Goodman; "Columbus Journalism Review"; March/April 1994)


And... a note to remind you that you can contact Kevin Cahill, M. Hinchey, Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Cuomo, a host of others - and even the President of the United States (upload your stories!) via the links provided in the sidebar!


Truth, Love, Equality and Humane Justice,


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N.S. said...

This extremely stressful AM fiasco has me frazzled...

So let me just say this:

Apparently, tonight's meeting was canceled for legitimate (actually tragic) reasons...

But the fact that all of this inspired me to contact our higher representatives about some of this...

Could be a positive thing.

Life is tough, folks.

And perhaps the events of this day (to come out in their own time) put an exclamation mark on that...

I'm sorry about the news I received.

I'm stressed to the max.

But I'm (as the saying/song goes...; so far...) "still standing."

If the latest update (I think this is right...?) remains static, the finance committee meeting will be held in conjunction with tomorrow night's Planning Board meeting.

Please call and confirm this ahead of time though...

I'm done with updates for this day.

Thank You,