Thursday, February 19, 2009

Michael Moore's latest project You Tube... My Letter to the Editor...

["CNN: Wall Street 'Better Watch Out' for Michael Moore"; as submitted to You Tube by mmflint on 2/17/09;]

Letter to the Editor - sent out (one never knows who will actually publish it) to a number of different papers today [I also sent another one out, but I won't zap you with two :)

Bottom line, if I can do this stuff, You probably can (check out the links in the sidebar!) too!


"Enough of this greed on Wall Street! Enough of this pathetic whining that banks need more bailout money! Enough of me having to go pawn old jewelry to TRY to pay MY taxes! I think the Vampires have sucked up quite enough of the people's labor, trust and blood - don't you? Let the big banks that have been exploiting (in my opinion) the American people (via unjust usury and all sorts of trickery) "go bust." Help out the smaller banks, if you must, but with serious accountability and low CEO incomes as part of the package! And - consider the people too! Because, as far as I'm concerned I'm (along with a whole lot of other people) owed some money by at least some of the big guys on Wall Street, simply because their unethical (at best) and corrupt (at worst) practices have been such an absolute and total (America is better than this!) disgrace...

If I want to donate blood, I'll go to the local blood-bank, thank you very much! At least they pass it on (as is expected) to others that are in need!

Come on folks! Get a grip! This is about humane principals, accountability, justice and the future of the United States of America! And there aren't any intelligent people that I know of - with the true facts in hand (and no greedy self-serving agenda up their sleeve...) that would support anymore big-bank bailouts!

In fact, I keep hearing from the wise and the weary (we are becoming anemic, I fear...) that it is the low to mid-income American people (just take a good look around!) that really need bailouts! That it is, in fact, the American family (Don't we deserve a break?) that represents the only TRUE "not-for-profit" institution in America - and that as this mystery of sad history continues to unfold... the Government might want to consider sending some of the monies exploited via the all-too-often abused not-for-profit industry (check their books too, will ya? Especially the "religious" non-profits...) on to the American people, as well!

Signing off... I have to go take my folic acid pill...

Anyone else having trouble just staying ALIVE?

[Perhaps vampires, like tics, tend to burst after gorging themselves like this?]

Ah, one can HOPE..."



pinchas werba said...

I serendipitously found this site and I'd like to say that I agree with your sentiments 100%. I especially feel that it’s certainly criminal the way big business interests award all the bonuses to CEO’s who have nothing but failure to show for their efforts. Whether it’s paid with pre-bailout money or actual bailout bucks it’s nothing less than "LEGALIZED EMBEZZLEMENT" any way they slice their American Pie--they get the hot-out- of-the-oven best pieces for doing nothing but sitting on their fat butts scheming and dreaming of more ways to compound their profit margins on bungled/bundled mortgages or Ponzi pyramid plots while we, the people, don't even get the crumbs because they lick the pie plate then trash that, so no trace exists except in their gormandized, distended bellies and then down the t/bowls the next day. Organized religion, like tax-avoiding organized crime black market specialists, has skated for free long enough and has become too separated from the reality of Economics 101. If you want to live in a democratic society that chugs along on the theory of progressive taxation and capitalism there are no free rides whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, or whatever. Enough is enough already—rabbis, priests, pastors, clerics, imams turn over your tithes to the government before we all go to hell in a “hardcasket” or hand basket. To echo Dennis Kucinich—Wake up, America, even the alarm clocks are armed and in a dangerous state or are in an alarmed state and cannot function, figuratively speaking. There are plenty of mature adults and responsible children who need no mechanical means to awaken themselves so they can go out there into the world to try and make a difference and not emulate the greedy bastards who only care for themselves and merely pay lip service to their pledge to follow the code of ethics and to uphold the constitution whether they’re on Wall Street, in city halls, either house of the legislature or in oval offices (past). The only fee paid is the lip service one therefore none in this place where the original description of the settlers in the ‘new world’ used by the ones whose land we stole was ‘white man speak with forked tongue’ so this bifurcated mouth tool used to express our thoughts and schemes is still alive and well in the legalized crooks abounding all around us.

N.S. said...

Wow, you are a powerful writer! And you had me sitting here crying (a good thing, because demonstrations of compassion, courage and integrity tend to ignite my tears...) again (I also cried when re-watching the PINK video we discussed below).

I guess my blog doesn't quite fit the strictly political (nor partisan) script... so it doesn't get airtime through that venue...

And it doesn't strictly fit (since I do deal with a lot of social / economic / political issues here) in the creative / artistic venue either...

So either I have to tip folks off about it... or they tend to stumble (like you apparently did) upon it by accident.

I guess the newspapers (having a very difficult economic time of it, as well) might view us bloggers as competitors... and thus (?) they won't publish our blogsite addresses (I have found this to be the case, anyhow) when we write letters to the paper, etc.

I don't see bloggers as news competitors, however - at all. I LOVE newspapers! I simply think we bloggers are able to wholistically (via music, video clips, etc.) and interactively add another dimension...

Anyhoot, off to start my day...

I can't thank you enough for your posts. They are truly well written and inspiring...

Sometimes (I guess this is part of the tears too...) this seems like a really lonesome (albeit creative; and I hope, contributive) journey.

Keep shining!


pinchas werba said...

tears of justice served
are prisms of perspective unnerved
where the tiny lachrymal crystals
cleanse our souls and baptize our brains
out of attempted brainwashing basins
to the ether of eternity
in the upper-most mindful section
where the Almighty was conceived
in either of our respective images
whether we got the message from our Creator
and were endowed with sacred or inalienable rights
we as a nation not of sheep on the compost heap
but as sentient thinking humans must right the wrongs
left on our bloodstained hearts by Bush
by bringing him to court and let the people decide…

N.S. said...

pinchas werba,

Would you mind if I placed your comments / poem on a posting of their own (most likely accompanied by a photo from my stock and/or a video)?

You have a LOT to say and you say it (are you a published writer?) EXTREMELY WELL.

I don't need to know your identity. Your screen name and permission to "blog" this will do...

What do you think?

With much respect,


pinchas werba said...

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance” is the complete line from FDR’s first inaugural address which should be required reading for all American citizens since that speech touched on so many of the exact same problems we face today that it’s uncanny and since we haven’t totally learned from our past, we seem destined to keep repeating the same mistakes as the saying goes. Your brilliant use of metaphor with such sardonic subtlety makes the point like a spotlight on crooks caught on tape. It’s unfortunate we don’t have the real crooks being caught early with alarms and whistles going off as soon as they first try to break the law, even if that requires more government regulation, enforcement and oversight. Perhaps the confidence needed to run the stock and the commodity markets might increase if transparency were a given to prevent melt downs or insider trading and all the ways available to get over on fellow investors who hand over their hard earned cash in good faith with a slight bit more of the feeling that they are not putting that money down on a horse race or lottery venue, albeit the chances of getting something back these days might be better at the betting windows.
I remember reading T.S. Eliot’s, The Hollow Men, in the early ‘70’s and jokingly transposing the last line for a laugh with a very poetic friend. Now that joke is a reality it seems, and it will be on all of us in such a haunting collapse of the current economic empire based in the Empire state of irony, lest we move forward with the mindset of prosperity as rapidly as we can before my innocent Spoonerism comes true. The letters were reworked a bit and with all due respect to Mr. Eliot I hope it’s not T.S. for all of us. When
“This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper” changes over to
“This is the way the world ends
not with a whim but a banker
we will all be needing a transfusion not a bailout to get back to your anemic analogy with the blood filled vampires and tics bursting in air not giving proof through the night about any flags still being anywhere--hopefully not the white flag of surrender.

N.S. said...


interestingly, you draw on some of the same images and references that i was fond of using in the books i wrote. i will put a couple of poems from one of them up later - and you will no doubt see a sort of congruency between what you have written and i have (2007) written. still great stuff.

thank you