Saturday, February 21, 2009

TODAY'S EVENTS: LWV Brunch... Mardi Gras Celebration... KAPA Fundraiser... You Tube Videos... More...

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1. The League of Women Voter's of the Mid-Hudson Valley Region is hosting a "brunch meeting" at 15-21 Franklin Street {Everette Hodge Center} TODAY (2/21/09) from 10am -Noon. If you would like more information about the League, or would like to volunteer for the League's "observer corps" --- see the local League website at

This is a non-partisan group. At today's meeting, the pros and cons of the Electoral College and direct voting will be discussed.

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2. There is a Mardi Gras Celebration at the Maritime Museum today. Please see the "Daily Freeman" and/or your Ward Group to get more (updated) information!

If the festival is adhering (sans parade, I believe) to the original schedule, it will start around noon and continue into the evening - via some of the businesses and/or restaurants in the Roundout area.

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3. TONIGHT --- at Keegan Ales --- from 7PM until ? --- the Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA; channel 23) Commissioners are hosting a fundraiser (Put on your dancing shoes!) and awards ceremony.

There will be food, music, dancing, FUN, good company, a raffle and more!

Tickets (This is a VERY IMPORTANT CAUSE!) are $40.

Please support YOUR Public Access station --- which allows you to get YOUR voice, YOUR views, YOUR questions, YOUR idea, YOUR local calender listings, and YOUR shows
--- should you choose to be interactive --- on the local airwaves!

You can contact the KAPA Commissioners for tickets and/or additional info.

And, I also believe (I could be wrong, so please contact the appropriate people!) some tickets will be available at the door.

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