Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Holidays... Chips Crafts and Local Photos Sale... Book and Phonograph Sales... Chips Entertainment... A Necessary Break from Politics...

Happy Holidays!

[Merry Christmas!]

Crafts by Chips [These earrings (Chips Light and Happy Earrings) are not safe or suitable for children younger than 10 [$10 includes gift box, sales tax, shipping and handling]

[Great Gift for Teens and the Young at Heart!]

[Great Gift for Teens and the Young at Heart!]

Photos by NS or BS - 8 by 10 color available unframed for $15; 8 by 10 in nice frame available for $25 [Price includes sales tax, shipping and handling]

[Clinton Statue; Uptown Kingston Park]

[From Uptown Health Care Reform Rally 2009]

["Thank You Maurice Hinchey"; Uptown Health Care Reform Rally 2009]

[Public Hearing on the Mayor's Proposed 2010 Budget]

[City of Kingston Photo Fall 2009]

[Personal Favorite]

[Chips Magic Show; "Aye Pirate..."]

[Riding Fun; Forsythe Park Fall Festival 2009]

[Domestic Violence Clotheline Project 2009]

[Domestic Violence Awareness Event Fall 2009]

[Creativity on the Roundout]

[Dance Troop; Independence Day Celebration on the Roundout]

[Make A Difference Day 2009]

[Bug...; Kingston Point Park]

[Boat; Hudson River Day 2009]

[Photo for Sale; Book (Old "Jack in the Beanstalk") Also for Sale...]

[Vase of Love]


[Photo Created / Utilized for Local Inauguration Party; MuddyCup Jan 2009]

A number of the other photos on this site are available for purchase as well. Please direct all inquiries [Crafts and Photos] to

$2 from every earring and photo sale will go towards buying Christmas grab-bag gifts for children [to age 10] in midtown [Ward 4] Kingston.

Thank You,


Note: These photos will be transfered to my Merchant Site [See the link in the sidebar] as soon as possible. Other sale items [my own book - antique and/or rare children's books - antique and/or rare phonograph albums (more such items will be added here or on the Merchants site, as well...) are noted in the sidebar.

Information on Chips party hosting, DJ/Karaoke services, childrens parties, clown gift delivery and more [all of this is under construction...] is [or will be...] available on the Merchant site [This information consists mainly of photos at the moment; please inquire regarding specifics at]

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