Wednesday, December 2, 2009


[Photo by BF; Utilized with Permission]

Long day. Late night. Lots of newsy items I'd like to post...

But, I'm going to stick to this:

1. The only major issue (amongst the City Council Members themselves) at Tuesday night's City Council meeting already hit the papers (the "Daily Freeman" / the leaf pick-up issue...) - which I also addressed already - in a silly way perhaps - below.

2. The Kingston Uptown Residents Alliance (KURA) representatives that spoke during the open session were notably impressive [Some of you might have taken the KURA survey?] --- as were the other individuals that showed up to speak.

3. I brought my own ideas [nothing that will help with this Budget, but that might be applicable in regards to the future...) "to the table" as well - and I took some photos that will hopefully make it onto this site (with more details) tomorrow...

4. But - I've got to try and prioritize my personal life while I'm at it - so I have to return to doing "what I can, when I can, where I can" - and pat myself on the back for contributing more on behalf of my fellow citizens and my country (one more voice is one more voice) than I have ever done before.

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of 2009 - and I have kept that promise.

I have been my own experiment - in a sense - and a fairly successful one [You will hear more about this in January 2010] - at that.

Am a ducking out now? Absolutely not.

Do I need to moderate things and get my life back into some semblance of balance? Absolutely yes.

For those of you who have followed my blogs from the beginning - or know more about me via other sources - you know that I'm a small-town girl [birthed to generational farm families and generational poverty plus...] that wandered into the woods pretty deep - dealt with my share of wolves in granny gear - and survived some odds that that left me [although I prefer the word eccentric...] a bit odd...

That said, please remember, if you will (I've seen this on bumper stickers and such) that "Not all who wander are lost..."

Some of us do find our way back to ourselves [even if it is with all of our "warts" (so to speak) intact...] --- which is the only place (the self) where integrity [a dedication to the truth, even when the truth is excrutiatingly painful...] can be born.

More tomorrow.



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