Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wierd Photo Effect... Violent Sex Offender... Have You Checked the Registry Lately...

I took this photo outside a registered sex offenders residence [He may or may not still reside there] - editing the house itself [probably not appropriate to post here...] out of the picture - and focusing in on the [Glare?  Shadow?  (Smiley face?????)]. 

Now, if I were superstitious -  what do you suppose this wierd photography effect [a violent sexual predator lives in - or lived in - this residence] might  be "saying" (so to speak) to me?

[Some folks I care about recently moved to this neighborhood --- I did a check on the NYS Sex Offender Registry --- and walla ---  ARE THEY EVERYWHERE? (Innocent enough looking place; but then, that's how it goes...  Eh?)]


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NS said...

Truth be told - this smiley image showed up on some other photos (Christmas photos and such) that I took that day - and I think this image was a reflection of a smiley thing that I have in my car.

Interesting though, how such things "could" be manipulated (This was accidental) - isn't it?

Beyond that, I went to see where this sex offender's residence (past and/or present) is located simply because I know a single mom with four young children lives nearby... and I wanted to pass the imformation [Four young children riding bikes, building snowmen, selling stuff for school projects and such...)] on to her - which is, I believe, what the New York State Sex Offender Registry (community awareness = increased child safety) is for.