Sunday, January 11, 2009

Condolences... Sex Offender Issue... Fair Pay Act... Business Update... Poem

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1) From a quick trip through the local blogs I am aware that Mayor Sottile's father passed away --- and I would like to add (to the voice of others) my sincere condolences to Mr. Sottile and the rest of the Sottile family.

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2) I haven't read today's Kingston "Daily Freeman" [KDF] yet, but there was an article in Saturday's "Freeman" that I wanted (and negated) to comment upon --- that happens to be linked to a HOT issue that brought a lot of Kingston City residents through the doors of City Hall in 2008.

For apparently, there has been a re-birth (although not exactly of the same nature) of the "what to do with sex offenders" issue --- as relected in a quote [See "Sex Offender Law Would Restrict Residency"; Mid-Hudson News Network; KDF; 1/10/09; P. A3] that reads like this:

"'Would you rather have a sex offender that you know is living next door to you, or have a sex offender and drive him underground... and you don't know where he is?'" (UC Leg. Frank Dart, D-Kingston).

[I am going to reword this and put up an onsite poll on this matter --- because here we go (a lot of us have strong feelings and opinions on this issue) again!]

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3) Also very important, in my view, is the progress of the "Fair Pay Act" --- but rather than cover it here, I would urge concerned folks to check out the "DemWomen Brewing Change" blog link in the sidebar (scroll down) for more information on:

"Fair Pay Act Passes in House... Now its the Senate's turn to finally do the right thing so that women are paid fairly, and there is a workable process for challenges to unfair pay..."

There is a direct link on the DemWomen... site through which folks can contact some of their representatives on this VERY IMPORTANT (Why is expecting "fair pay" for women apparently so very hard (ahem) to understand?] issue!

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4) Although I have set up temporary site at Merchants Circle to address my fledgling home-based business [see side-bar] - a more permanent business website is still pending - the business (as far as product sales and purchases) is not expected to be fully operational until Spring - and I want to make it clear that this is a small home-based business, with email inquiries and consults [] preferred - to be followed up by scheduled appointments (ONLY) when appropriate / agreed upon. [Note: The entertainment aspect of ChipsN'Dips has been in place for a few years, mostly operating on a volunteer and small children's parties basis. ChipsN'Dips in the entertainment context, has participated in some local parades and community events, in conjunction with the AOH (St. Patricks Day parades); the Lion's Club (Lion's Club Expos); the Rosendale Festival; and other such organizations / venues].

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5. I will leave you this am with a poem (rough draft) that I wrote yesterday [This fits somewhat with the "Fair Pay Act" theme]...

"The Wisdom of the Willow"

When who you are
Is not enough
The road is long
The journey tough
A candle flame
Too often snuffed
A lid upon its cover...

You said you were my brother (?)

But forget that little sister
Has dreams too...

And is, in fact, as capable as you..

For though a willow
Might bend
It has strong roots
And tends to spring back
Even when its fruits

Are invisible to
The light of day...

Trust me, trust me
When I say...

That although the eagle
Can fly alone...
'Tis only with
A heart of stone

The sky above
The earth below

Do not snuff out
The light...
[We have our gifts
and our rights!]
Of woman.



Anonymous said...

Coins??? What coins do you have? Morgan Dollars?

N.S. said...

I need to correct myself on this one a bit; as it appears, from my documents, that the sex offender-related meetings at City Hall were actually taking place towards the end of 2007, rather than in 2008. In fact, at the October 24, 2007 meeting I handed out a rather lengthy overview (from my book research; covering a number of different studies on the matter) to the K.C. Aldermen.

Sorry for the confusion in dates. I do not remember if the matter stretched into early 2008 or not.


N.S. said...

Inquires, in regard to the business aspects of this site, need to be sent to my email address at I'll be glad to answer your question when it is not of an anonymous nature. Please do send me (I need to know who I am dealing with) an email!

N.S. said...

For additional clarification on the above (re. business inqiries) - I will have to know your name, address and phone number to (potentially) work with you regarding specific items, prices, etc - and I think email is a safer venue for that (for both of us) than this blog.