Thursday, January 15, 2009

Having a Little Bit of Fun... Creative Photography

[Total Coincidence - That's Obama behind that Sled!; Photo by NS]

No grumbling, as hinted at earlier! I think I'll save that until tomorrow...

Instead, I'm thrilled because I finally got a few of my own photos developed and modified, and I can put some of my own works (in that regard) up here!

[Mouse in the House!; Photo by NS]

I do photos (Anyone remember (Ahem) "Gargoyle Associates?") that are very different from BFs...

Mostly just for fun - but some (even if by accident) turn out pretty cool, silly or - as in the next case, really "neat" ---

[The Wonder of It All...; Photo by NS]

Had enough?

One more...

[Party Like It's Barack Obama's Inauguration!; Photo by NS]

Have a Good Night All!


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