Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Official News Release Obama Inauguration Party...

[Photo/Flyer by NS]

"City of Kingston Progressives Gather to Celebrate Obama's Inauguration"

Notice: The following News Release contains wording specific to the the Inauguration Party being addressed, along with some wording provided by Civic Action: Civic Action Member, Nancy Smith [Also the Proprietor of ChipsN'Dips Entertainment and Sales] is collaborating with some other members of Civic Action ["Democracy in Action"] - some community politicians and activists (across Party lines) - and some other enthusiasts / helpers / volunteers - to host a local (City of Kingston / State of NY) Inaugural Bash to celebrate Barack Obama's swearing in...!

Barack Obama's Inauguration is a historic event - and bears a dream and a HOPE (during these very difficult times) of better days ahead!

This event is FREE [wi. coffee, snacks and such available for purchase] - includes a FUN mix of entertainment - and will be part of "more than 2,500 bashes happening all over the country" - bringing "together... millions of Americans that helped to achieve this victory."

[Photo by BF]

Open Mike Poetry Reading: Upbeat Poems: Social / Economic / Political / Dream and/or HOPE Theme Please [5 Minute Limit Per Reader]

Karaoke Participants: Remember: We Want to HAVE FUN!

Inauguration Party Details:


YOU (?) [Smile]; Some Local Members of and/or Other Community Organizations; Some Local Politicians and/or Political Activists; Some "Unsung Local Heroes" (Suggestions Welcomed!); Some Poets (Economical / Political / Social Dream Theme Please...); Some Karaoke Singers (Upbeat and Hopeful Please...); Some Younger Folks; Some Older Folks; and... Anyone else [ALL are welcome at this party!] that WANTS to Come!


Inaugural Bash to Celebrate Barack Obama's Swearing In


Mid-Town Kingston Muddy Cup: 516 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401


Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 7:30PM


FREE [With coffee, snacks and such available for purchase at the counter]


"These parties will be co-sponsored by a broad spectrum of progressive groups, including TrueMajority, Living Liberally, Credo Action, and
the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees."

For More Information, Email Nancy at


County Correction Officer said...


The announcement for the party was made at the monthly UCDW meeting last Monday.

N.S. said...


Yes - and largely thanks to you for cluing me in to their website, as I followed the trail, contacted the UCDW President - and made what I believe to be a very positive connection! I have also hooked up with Hudson Valley for Obama and some other organizations - and sent press releases just about everywhere I can think of... Now I'm just hoping we don't get a blizzard or severe ice storm (though the "show will go on" --- as long as the Muddy Cup is open!) that night!

Please do come if you can - and bring some family members or friends!

I would love to have you (or someone else, if you prefer) say a few words on behalf of UCDW.

Thanks Much,