Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank You... "Madagascar I like to move music video"... You Tube

["Madagascar I like to move music video";; as Submitted to YOU TUBE by SgtGaruru on
July 14, 2007]

I just wanted to post a brief note to thank the many kind and generous people that I have come in contact with since beginning this party-planning for the Obama Inauguration party at the Muddy Cup.

Some folks associated with the Obama-Biden Transition Team are busy, busy, busy --- and very gracious!

The folks at the Kingston Muddy Cup have been very open to working with me.

Some folks associated with Ulster County Democratic Women ha been very receptive / kind.

A woman associated with Hudson Valley for Obama has freely offered advice and assistance.

One of the local Aldermen has committed to coming --- and another has given a sincere (I believe!) maybe...

A couple of folks higher up on the political chain have also promised to stop by if they are able (This is, as you might guess, a very busy night for politicians!)...

A local journalist / activist has agreed to say a few words.

A number of newspapers and radio stations have accepted my Press Release promptly - and the Kingston "Daily Freeman" already posted (just a day or so after I sent it) one brief.

I have a couple of good karaoke singers lined up already!

And I could go on and on...

But! To keep this kinda' short (Perhaps I'll be able to give a full, although general listing, after the event!) - for now I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you...

And put in a plug to keep this momentum going (for many of us, against some pretty tough odds!) right on through this new (hopefully to bring a number of positive changes) year!

With a Renewed Respect for a Whole Lot of Folks in the local and larger community!



N.S. said...

Oh yeah! I would certainly be remiss if I didn't say a public thank you to Ms. J. Jacobs, local Republican Party Chairperson - and blogger (See "Jacobs Live People for People"} - for agreeing to come to the event and say a few words, as well! This (on Ms. Jacob's part) is extremely gracious, courageous and HOPEFUL (in terms of a budding congeniality between parties) - and I sincerely believe that Ms. Jacobs is (despite our different Party affiliations) - a premier community (especially, from what I have seen, in regard to community youth / school-related issues) activist!

Thank You Again Ms. Jacobs!


N.S. said...

Sorry for the spelling goof ["ha.. should be "have"] --- One does slip right on by me now and then!

Have a great night!