Friday, January 16, 2009

Passing It On... Gleaned From An Email Received from Julie McQuain, Pres., UCDW

[Photo by BF]

The "Daily Freeman" (DF) printed a "front page story" about the fact that Ulster County Democratic Women (UCDW) would like to see a "female... succeed Clinton in Senate." To read the DF article, go to:"

To respond to the poll question, "Is it important to you that a woman be chosen to succeed Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate?" --- go to:

To recommend that a woman becomes "the next Senator from NY..." - and "make your suggestion" go to:

To see a letter - as mailed from Julie McQuain, President of UCDW - to Gov. David Patersn (1/14/09) - go to:

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N.S. said...

The poll question / link appears to have changed already (?) - and now refers one to a poll as to whether you intend to watch Obama's inauguration ceremony or not... [Still a good question!]

Please let me know if there have been any other changes and/or errors made.

Thank you,


Julie McQuain said...

Thank you N.S.
To read a blog post "Senatorial Sexism" by the Freeman's City Editor (who elected not to actually print our letter to the Gov.)
go here:
Keep up the great work!

N.S. said...

Thank you Julie. You too! :)