Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Revised Poem... The Wisdom of the Willow

[Photo by BF (Not a Willow :)]

I revised one of my earlier poems, and I like it better this way - so I figured (cold depressing day here...) I would re-post it:


When who you are
Is not enough
The road is long
The journey tough
A candle flame
Too often snuffed
A lid upon its cover...

You said you were my brother (?)

But forget that little sister
Has dreams too...

And is, in fact
As capable as you...

For although a willow tree
Might bend
It has strong roots
And always tends...

To spring back strong
Even when its boughs

Are laden with the weight
Of life...
The winter snow
The darkest nights

The sun a dream...
The sun a dream...

Even trees must keep

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