Monday, January 12, 2009

More Info on Inauguration Party at Muddy Cup

[Photo by BF]

As this New Year unfolds, and I personally follow through on a "few" resolutions, I wanted to take a step back to the concept of "We the People..." - and make sure I let folks know that this Obama Party that I have scheduled is for EVERYONE and ANYONE that wants to attend.

A few people are being personally invited to come and say a few words - but there will be open mike (poetry only) time, as well as some karaoke time - and the true focus of the event is a celebration of this historic moment!

Times are tough for a lot of us, and I don't think anyone is telling us anything different. But there is hope associated with the "changing of the guard" - and there are a whole lot of tulips (lol) scheduled to start blooming around here, come Spring!

If you know of any City of Kingston residents that you consider "unsung heroes" - and would like to hear them say a few words at this event, please send me an email (with a contact of some sort) at --- so that I can contact them.

This could be a local political activist - a poet that you know - a single mother or father striving to keep things together - someone associated with a human service organization that you respect - your very own Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, etc. - or YOU!

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